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Solarscape Energy is a premier designer and installer of solar power solutions for commercial customers who are concerned about rising electrical costs and maximizing return on investment. Proprietary financing alternatives and a focus on value-added applications enable the company to deliver customer benefits beyond that generated by electricity alone. SolarPorts, the company’s solar-equipped carports, turn a conventional parking lot into a 21st Century asset, providing shaded parking and producing clean electricity. Solarscape Energy combines a value orientation with, technical and operational excellence, financial sophistication and an experienced management team.


Solar Economics Have Changed Dramatically!
With the convergence of Federal, State and Utility incentives in 2006, commercial interests are able to recoup over 70% of their investment in incentives alone. Note:Some incentives are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Historically, the private sector valued solar energy primarily for its ability to demonstrate environmentally conscious attitudes, which augmented corporate image and awareness. Today, a solar energy solution continues to provide the less-tangible benefits like reinforcing environmental stewardship. However, with new incentives, companies can now utilize solar energy to:

1) hedge against energy inflation,
2) reduce long-term operating expenses, and
3) gain a hard dollar ROI.

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