Solarscape Energy is a renewable energy start-up focused on multi-value products like solar-equipped carports, which leverage the value of shade to improve solar economics.   Fountainhead provided product development, business planning, financial analysis and interim COO services supporting the daily activities of starting and growing a business.
Pacific Bell (now part of AT&T) retained Fountainhead for the interim leadership of the team of staff, consultants and vendors charged with developing the company’s first public Internet device.  In addition to project management, Fountainhead evaluated markets, segmented potential users and determined content and advertising for this pioneering device.
This early Silicon Valley client was a key player in the development of the search engine market.  With over 7.3 million visitors per month in 1997, Infoseek (now part of Disney) asked Fountainhead to conduct a consumer usage analysis that resulted in significantly improved segmentation and targeted marketing.
Instill Corporation (now part of iTradeNetwork) provides supply chain management services to the foodservice industry. Fountainhead, in partnership with Venture Strategy Group, conducted market research among manufacturers, distributors and operators to support the development of a new electronic Universal Catalog and other supply chain offerings.