Fountainhead is a consumer-oriented growth consulting firm that specializes in helping key executives, entrepreneurs and owners grow new ventures through innovation, strategic insight and interim management. Founded in 1996, the firm provides new venture solutions to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to concept stage start-ups.

We recognize that clients don't hire consulting firms, they hire people.  In the case of Fountainhead, they are hiring the experience, expertise and network of its Principal, Michael Dodd, who leads every major project. Download Bio

Fountainhead is a small firm in a traditional sense, but our business model allows us to handle larger projects by deploying top talent on an as-needed basis from our network of senior industry and subject matter experts.  We also leverage the client’s own staff to work in integrated teams. This not only reduces the expense and the hassle of junior consultants, it speeds the deployment process and helps ensure effective two-way knowledge transfer.  The model benefits both Fountainhead and our clients and has proven highly successful and rewarding over the last 16 years.

Fountainhead is skilled at combining the analytical and creative processes which is essential for real-world innovation to flourish. Moving beyond incremental improvements requires innovative thinking. Fountainhead staff is experienced at capturing and distilling that thinking into practical insight. Then we help clients translate that insight into commitment and actionable steps toward lasting growth.

Why fountainhead?

A fountainhead is… a copious source; an originator.

Fountainhead strives to provide original and copious sources of new growth solutions to our clients.  The firm’s name was also inspired in part by the book "The Fountainhead."  Ayn Rand's themes of self-determination, integrity and the valuation of purposeful creation manifest themselves in how we support our clients' businesses as if they were our own.

Why Fountainhead


- Marriage of creativity & analytics
- Principal leads all projects
- Optimal staff with senior line experience
- No overhead, no junior consultants
- Client team approach builds knowledge

- 20 years of innovation & growth
- packaged goods marketer
- successful entrepreneur
- Harvard MBA


- Growth and new ventures
- Client value is our singular priority